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Environmental services

Environmental services are an important part of work. During the development and implementation of projects with TCH Project we carry out the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures, perfects the EIA section, and develops measures to reduce the sanitary protection zone (SPZ).

Design services in the field of ecology

Environmental services are an integral part of the project office’s work. They are important for manufacturers and entrepreneurs who must consider and regulate the environmental impact of their own companies. That is why design offices carry out an environmental impact assessment at various stages.

Environmental services from the project company

Non-compliance with environmental legislation can lead to various negative consequences:
  • increasing the load on the natural environment of our country;
  • increase in the number of man-made accidents;
  • widespread pollution of Ukraine’s natural resources.
The range of services offered by TCH Project is quite diverse:
  1. Carrying out the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure.
  2. Development of the EIA section as part of the project documentation.
  3. Implementation of the sanitary protection zone (SPZ) reduction project.
  4. Assistance with the preparation of the entire package of documents and settlement of any complex issues with official bodies.
Our services include an environmental impact assessment. At the beginning of the design, there is a pre-project assessment (ecological assessment of the design area or conducting environmental studies). During the development of the project and on the operating enterprise we provide (carrying out the EIA procedure, developing the EIA section and reducing the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise (SPZ)).

We have experience in cooperation with construction organizations. This significantly accelerates not only the start, but also the development and speed of work on the site. A comprehensive approach to the work of our company significantly helps to save money on construction.

If you cooperate with the TCH Project design office, you cannot worry at all about shortcomings and problems – they will not exist. All environmental services are also provided at the highest level.
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