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Relocation of the enterprise

Relocation of the enterprise within the borders of Ukraine and beyond saves business. The project company TCH Project helps businessmen consultative and practically (we prepare the necessary documents, help with transportation to a new location).

Relocation in Ukraine

Ukrainian business continues to adapt to wartime conditions, recovers from the shock — it increasingly needs enterprise relocation. This saves the economy of the country, enables businessmen to “stand on their own two feet”. In order to implement such a task, it is necessary not only to get acquainted with the state program of relocation, but also to receive advisory assistance from professionals and enlist their practical help.

Relocation of the enterprise through cooperation with TCH Project

Relocation in the business sphere is its displacement. It can be to another region of the same state or in general as immigration for further activities.

In 2022, due to aggression on the part of the Russian Federation, this process gained special demand. For the stability of the country’s economy, there is a need to transfer the sole trader or the company from territories that are close to or are in the war zone to safer regions of Western Ukraine or EU countries.

Services offered by the TCH Project design office:
  • consulting and assistance in choosing the most profitable location;
  • preparation of the necessary documents for the fastest and most profitable relocation; 
  • help with moving business to a new location.
It should also be remembered that in recent years Ukrainian business has been more actively entering the European market. Enterprise relocation as a business immigration is needed today for various reasons. Large companies naturally want to scale their enterprise, their additional goal is to acquire new customers and compete with global market players. For medium and small businesses, this is an opportunity to realistically search for another environment that is economically beneficial. -Immigration relocation is a long and difficult process from a legal point of view, in comparing with moving within Ukraine.

TCH Project helps business owners to find a new, worthy place in the business environment both in our country and abroad.
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