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Animal husbandry

The construction of animal husbandry facilities is a process that affects the efficiency and profitability of the farm, as well as the safety of food products. We design modern facilities for fish farming, animal husbandry, pig breeding, sheep breeding, cattle breeding and beekeeping, we select equipment for barns and other purposes.

Development of projects for the construction of livestock facilities

TCH Project directs a significant part of its forces and knowledge to the development of projects that allow the implementation of modern construction of animal husbandry facilities. Professionals who breed fish, birds, cattle or bees know what idea they want to implement. It is necessary to entrust its implementation to real specialists who work for us.

Construction of animal husbandry facilities: industry features

The work of engineers of the project company in the field of development of projects in the animal husbandry industry allows to avoiding mistakes that more or less affect the durability and functionality of the object itself. Professionalism in calculating the correct selection of load, used materials and correspondence between visual appeal and functionality allows not only to make the building or complex as appropriate as possible to the set goals and tasks, but also to save important resources: money, time and effort.

Animal husbandry is a special branch of agriculture. Its state of development has a significant impact on the economic potential of Ukraine's agricultural sector.

The main divisions of the industry are:

fish farming;
poultry farming;
fur farming;
pig breeding;
cattle breeding;
sheep breeding, etc.
Cattle breeding is the most complex and significant of the divisions listed above, its indexes are an indicator of the state of animal husbandry in our country. The main products of cattle breeding are meat and milk.

Why is it important to build modern animal husbandry facilities

In order for the mass gain to proceed correctly and milk production to increase, it is necessary to improve the quality of life for animals. To do this, they are kept in the most optimal conditions. Buildings (barns, pigsties) should have several functional advantages:
  • be equipped with ventilation systems to maintain optimal humidity and temperature conditions;
  • provide sufficient level of lighting.
Ukrainian farms, which are based on old Soviet animal husbandry complexes, are faced with the problem of non-compliance of buildings with the requirements of modern technologies – this was foreseen by the old projects of barns. Modern objects do not have these disadvantages. Therefore, the profitability of farms and the safety of food products are higher in them. In the case of our design company, we have experience in designing new barns taking into account the requirements of modern technologies for keeping animals, milking parlors with “carousel” type equipment and robotic milking systems for them.

Separately, we note the direction of pig breeding. Here we have a case of designing two complexes with a full cycle capacity of up to 12,000 heads — which is ready and time-tested projects of pigsties.

In order to use modern technological solutions in the project, we:
  • we cooperate with reliable European equipment suppliers who have a full range of integrated and ready-made modern solutions;
  • we work as a team;
  • we “build” the TCH Project only with specialists with modern approach and knowledge.
Our knowledge, abilities and skills in the construction of animal husbandry facilities will ensure the efficiency and profitability of your farm and the safety of food products.
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