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Warehouses and logistics centers

The creation and design of warehouses and logistics centers is an important process of logistics development for Ukraine. Development of modern objects, preparation of project documentation, selection of storage technologies and object automation options are the main services of TCH Project.

Creation of warehouses and logistics centers

We offer the design of warehouses and logistics centers in the form of new and modern warehouse areas, as well as the process of modernization of those objects that the customer already owns. This includes not only the development of the project of the future building or complex of buildings. Additional tasks of the design office are the selection of appropriate technology for productive storage, modern solutions for warehouse automation, and options for the most optimal solutions that speed up and facilitate the entire supply chain.

The importance of warehouses and logistics centers in peacetime and wartime

The need for warehouses during the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation increased quite significantly. The reason is that a large number of such objects were destroyed in this direction, especially in the Kyiv region. The whole business has become convinced that it is quite unreasonable to place the entire infrastructure in one place. Conclusions have been made for the future — it is necessary to distribute warehouses throughout the country and create some buffer so that it is convenient to mantain them.

Difficulties with freight transportation that arose as a result of the war, prompted entrepreneurs to optimize business processes and reformat logistics.

The problems and issues of the latter are more related to several issues:

limited assortment and suppliers;
a general decrease in the flow of goods;
blocking most of the ports;
excessive load on the railway infrastructure;
installation of checkpoints;
unscheduled inspections;
availability of curfew.

Features of designing of warehouses and logistics centers from TCH Project

For the comfort of our customers' work, the design process of the warehouse complex is developed individually, taking into account all the requirements and specifics of the customer's work. Each project in TCH Project becomes an individual intelligent system that not only takes into account all factors, but also optimizes logistics processes (from the moment of acceptance to the shipment of cargo from the warehouse).

The creation of warehouses and logistics centers, in accordance with the tasks set by the client, is carried out through design with mandatory consideration of the type and quantity of materials in storage. This approach allows you to achieve maximum optimization for future work.

The project documentation of our company is:

projects of warehouses and large-scale logistics centers from "A" to "Z";
a form of taking into account many factors, starting with the type of goods that will be stored, ending with the selection of the equipment necessary to work with what will be stored at the facilities;
calculation of options for construction of the buildings from quick-mounted and capital constructions;
calculation of the necessary equipment and delivery routes, taking into account the remoteness of ports, trade routes and the intersection of necessary or important railway lines

Depending on the storage temperature of products, products or goods, we offer customers a range of manufacturers of refrigeration and compressor equipment, as well as other engineering systems (racking systems, fire protection systems, automation and communication).

A separate direction of our activity is the design of warehouses and logistics centers for the storaging of agricultural products, where a special place is given to grains. The technologist of our company has already developed several options for reconstruction of existing/working floor warehouses for grain and meal storage with optimal aspiration, ventilation or automation systems to ensure long-term storage.

Specialists of the design company TCH Project have many years of experience in designing and constructioning of elevators and warehouses. This will help to choose the best option for the working conditions of our customers’ companies, which work as warehouses and logistics centers.

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