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We with you on a way from a dream to conversion of dream in life.

We support you on every stage - from the outlines of idea to the unique design, from building to introduction to exploitation.

Director TCH Project
Tetiana Cherkai

Our reliable command closely works with you in the sphere of the town-planning and industrial planning, engineering and building. In our country plenty of project companies, will you ask why we? Will answer – because we not simply work on a new building object, but create him capable effectively energies and resources plan to use at his erection of the use of batch production and system decisions, for the increase of comfort and functionality and by maximally possible strength and security, all these enumerated factors are used at planning as to public so to the industrial objects. The special attention is spared to the systems of fire-prevention defence of different types of industrial and productive enterprises, have an experience the realized projects of worked out not only in obedience to Ukrainian and also European and American norms of planning.
Про нас
Про нас

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