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Building behaves to the area of the corporate strategic planning and long-term vision.

During planning of building be what object plenty of administrative decisions must be worked out. Decisions must take into account all external and internal factors, correct choice of variant of realization, allocation of resources

For successful implementation of planning for realization of building object a ponderable role is played by project and engineering services. A company TCH Project can offer for you services after directions of planning and engineering for all types of commercial and industrial building, list of services:

  1. Project works
  2. Previous budget of realization of building object
  3. Technical economic ground
  4. Economic efficiency
  5. Accompaniment of receipt of permissive documents
  6. The stage (P) design
  7. Stage working documentation
  8. Adaptation of the worked out decisions
  9. Building Information Modeling (BIM)  building objects
  10. Engineering survey
  11. Technical Inspection
  12. Ecological decisions (EBRD, IFC (ESIA))

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