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Processing and storage of plant products

The most important task, storage and processing of potatoes, should be implemented in Ukraine. We offer the design of modern warehouses for potatoes, cabbage, onions or fruits, as well as plants for their processing from the design company TCH Project.

Processing and storage of plant products

One of the most important tasks facing Ukraine in the nearest future is the storage and processing of potatoes. Therefore, we need modern, powerful production facilities and warehouses that help to process crops. After all, our country was and remains one of the largest producers of potatoes in Europe, but then it produces almost nothing.

Data that make you think about the perspective

Urbanization and technologization of society is deepening in developed countries. The style of “eating on the go” is gaining more popularity and this forces people to spend less time cooking food. And potatoes are one of the main components of fast food – more often they are “fries”. It is not surprising that the world production of this dish is increasing, and the intake of fresh vegetables is decreasing. That is why Europe does not grow as many table potato varieties as Ukraine, but they are more actively engaged in designing and building warehouses for it.

The next segment of processing is potato flakes. Today, 1/2 of the world’s production and intake of these products is concentrated in China. According to statistics, the global market for cereals and granola has a fairly good turnover – about €1,000-2,000 billion. Annual indicators of market growth in this area are at least 10%. It is potato flakes that are the basis for the production of fast food products, including business lunches with mashed potatoes or the more common cream soups, and are also used in the production process of chips or sauces. They are often used as an ingredient in bakery products or some dishes, in particular, dry rations for military personnel. This emphasizes the high assessment of not only the taste, but also the consumer qualities of the products.

Storage and processing of potatoes in our country

The share of the potato processing industry in Ukraine is no more than 3-5%, while in the EU countries, where the crop is 2-2.5 times lower than in ours, the situation is the exact opposite. In Europe, only 6-7% of products are sold fresh, and the rest is processed. Potato flakes or mashed potatoes are made from it.

The potential of Ukraine allows not only to plant and harvest potatoes, but also to build its own enterprises that will satisfy most of the country’s market needs for frozen potatoes (fries, country-style) and snacks. If it succeeds, it will be possible to export products to South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The design office TCH Project has interesting and valuable work experience in this direction:

  • we develop projects on processing (“fries”, snack products in the form of chips) and storage of potatoes (creation of long-term storage warehouses);
  • we select innovative and modern equipment/help with the selection of suppliers;
  • we create objects in various formats (including 3D), based on the necessary temperature and humidity indicators, as well as future stages of technological processes.

We are working on the creation of warehouses and production buildings for the storaging and processing of potatoes, onions, cabbage, fruits and berries. We can design the full cycle of the enterprise, including the stage of manufacturing high-quality products that will meet the global quality standards of HACCP, IFS Food Standard and BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY. We are sure that customers will be satisfied with the result of cooperation with our design company.

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