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Grain processing

Modern objects of deep processing of grain are created thanks to professional projects. We prepare project design documentation in accordance with state requirements. We help to create innovative wheat and corn processing industries.

Projects of deep grain processing facilities

Ukraine ranks the 3rd place overall in terms of the volume of exports of all grain crops, while there are no deep grain processing facilities (DGP) in the country. Now all Ukrainian farmers are on the front lines of their war for food safety. The success of the country’s agricultural sector is a lifeline for the economy against the background of the industrial and energy sectors, which are daily destructed and ruined by the aggressor.

Changes on the grain market of the country

During the years of independence grain production in Ukraine had been increased by 30%. In 2021, our country entered the TOP-5 grain exporting countries (the main share of exports is corn and wheat). Today, the Ukrainian agricultural sector has reached 18% of the country’s GDP, which is 40% of foreign exchange earnings.

The main factors for the increase of indicators were the use of various elements by Ukrainian farmers:
  • the latest varieties and hybrids, which give a higher potential for harvest;
  • new technologies, including more modern equipment (tractors, combines and others).
This helps to bring losses to an absolute minimum in the process of harvesting and emphasizes that the income from the products of the agro-industrial complex has increased.

Grain prices change under the influence of many reasons and are practically unpredictable. The grain price policy on the world market is actively influenced by several factors:
  • demand balances, as well as customer offers;
  • changes of exchange rates;
  • strengthening of sanctions;
  • escalation of conflicts between countries;
  • trade wars;
  • more significant phytosanitary requirements;
  • imposing tariffs;
  • international competitive confrontation, including wars and pandemics.
This also affects on the price within the country.

Today, the volume of grain exports by Ukraine reaches 70%. Unfortunately, this is not an achievement, but has become a direct path to the depletion of our soils and the position of the country itself only as a raw material base on the market. Ukrainian raw materials have quite high quality indicators.

Therefore, one of the ways of Ukraine’s development is the changes in the processing industry, namely, the construction of DGP facilities. They remove the chemical components of grain that can be used as an independent product or subjected to further deep processing, as well as for the purpose of producing products that have completely new consumer properties.

In many countries, grain processing is a fairly established industry that provides consistently high incomes. The largest “dinosaur” manufacturers of such products are the USA (21 companies, but each facility is almost 8 times larger than the European one) and EU countries (80 companies are located there). In America alone, more than 142 million tons of corns are processed per year, and almost as much in China. It is not surprising that here the projects of factories are developed “according to the last word of technology”.

Why does Ukraine need facilities for deep processing of grain

Taking into account the above, we must not forget that under the conditions of deep processing of cereals and corn, we will get an important by-product, СО2. Currently, there are almost no conditions for bioethanol consumption in Ukraine. At the same time, the volume of the world fuel ethanol market reached $77.74 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $122.35 billion by 2026. Therefore, purified and liquefied carbon dioxide is a participant in the industrial gases market. It is used in chemistry, steel and food industries. This means that Ukraine, exporting grain, loses added value (in other countries, it ranges from $50 to $300).

Also, entrepreneurs know that in the process of deep processing of corn at the stage of obtaining starch, the by-product is fodder, which is needed in the field of animal husbandry as a high-protein feed additive (DDGS).

It is interesting that facilities for deep grain processing are not cheap (from €70 million for equipment from a European manufacturer). But correctly made up project design documentation allows you to create factories and develop buildings in which the return on investment is only 5-7 years. The profitability of such an enterprise is about 20%.

The design office TCH Project offers its services for the development of projects of the DGP. We are confident: Ukraine is a modern European country that is capable of being not only an agrarian state that exports up to 70% of high-quality raw materials, but is ready to engage in grain processing and supply high-quality products all over the world.
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