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Industrial design of any complexity, the objects of which work in the chemical or oil and fat sphere. We are developing plants and factories for waste disposal, raw material processing and combined fodder production.

Project for industrial facilities

Industrial design is an important stage of any construction, when the question arises about industrial buildings and complexes of plants and factories, as well as transport junctions near them together with modern logistics centers. These buildings are individual, according to the functionality and tasks of the enterprises, they have specifics (general methodology of project work, regulatory requirements and specific conditions for making major decisions). Specific features distinguish them from similar project works in any other field.

An important industry of Ukraine

Industry is the most technically advanced industry of material production. As the basis of the industrialization of the economy, it has a significant impact on the development of productive forces.

This includes a set of enterprises engaged in various types of production:

creation of various types of goods;
processing of individual products;
fuel production;
processing of raw materials;
processing of industrial or agricultural products.

The national complex has a fairly significant material and technical base with the cost of fixed assets exceeding $645 million. About 4 million people work in this industry. About 26% of the country’s GDP is also provided by industry.

Industrial design: features and directions

Any production begins with the design of the facility itself, as well as its technological processes. At this stage, the most effective process is chosen, which is the basis of the entire production. Enterprise design is characterized by the complexity and variety of possible solutions. According to the purpose, different categories of buildings are distinguished:
  • production;
  • warehouses;
  • economic;
  • household;
  • transport purpose;
  • for the supply of electricity/heat energy/water supply or drainage.
The main stages of industrial design are:
  1. Pre-design works (including the selection of a manufacturing site).
  2. Engineering searches.
  3. General plan of the enterprise.
  4. Working documentation.
Our project company has experience in implementing projects of the highest complexity in the following areas:
  • chemical industry;
  • waste disposal;
  • production of combined fodder;
  • processing of raw materials of animal and plant origin;
  • solid waste landfills;
  • enterprises of the oil and fat industry
The TCH Project company offers its general design services. We work on objects of any complexity. The buildings created by us in the project are distinguished by high quality, as well as the use of the most modern construction technologies and materials (at the request of the customer). Our design is based on deep knowledge of the regulatory framework. We pay attention to even the smallest details.
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